Download the report to find out: 3 Surprising Benefits of Live Production Automation

How can live production automation benefit you and your staff?

While many companies view the trend as good for their bottom lines, live production automation does so much more than that. Through automation, your best operators are freed up from mechanical tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative content, produce work of higher quality, and work more nimbly

That’s why at Vizrt, we have put together a report that will help you make the most out of automation and allow everyone in the studio to work smarter, not harder.

In this 5-page report, you'll discover:

  • How to gain greater flexibility in news, sports, and other live and pre-recorded productions
  • Why automating studio devices can result in 65% fewer errors
  • The way smart newsrooms are utilizing staff resources efficiently and creatively
  • Examples from leaders in newsroom automation from around the world
  • How to reclaim hundreds of work hours per show per year to put to use on more creative production tasks