Exclusive On Demand Demo

Learn more about how to create stunning Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality Graphics

Vizrt XR Set makes spectacular graphics and video wall control easy, so the focus can be on storytelling. 


Join the Vizrt XR Set success team in this 30 minute demo as they showcase the most popular features of the Vizrt Set Solution.




What you will learn


  • Why XR Set is the preferred solution for AR graphics and 3D virtual sets blending photorealistic rendering with the real world while providing full interaction through control applications or interactive video walls

  • Integration with all major tracking systems and studio peripherals

  • Control and trigger your virtual studio sets and augmented reality graphics from one interface

  • Integrate any data source and display Real Time AG Graphics without the need for a Green Studio set-up

  • Access the entire suite of award wining Set and Extended Reality solutions at a fraction of the upfront costs with Vizrt Flexible Access