Exclusive On Demand Demo

See it first-hand what the world's most powerful 3D sports analysis tool can do

Sports Analysis Made Easy:

Join this 50-minute demo to find out how easily and quickly you can create captivating analysis that augments your sports coverage with XR Playbook, featuring Viz Libero - the world's most powerful 3D sports analysis.



What you will learn:

  • Easy calibration and settings as a basis for accurately adding graphics and telestration to highlight any decisive moment of the game - and play out a clip in under one minute
  • Automatically track players, add measurements and 3D virtual camera views to explain key situations
  • Use leading Augmented Reality (AR) technology that brings your analyst onto the field or the stadium into the studio, providing your fans with an arresting experience of being right within the action

Access the entire suite of award-wining Playbook and Extended Reality solutions at a fraction of the upfront costs with Vizrt Flexible Access.