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Create greater graphics with the hidden powers of Viz Engine 4


With a product as powerful and feature-rich as the Viz Engine there will always be hidden tweaks, tips, tricks and superpowers that most users are unaware of. In this session, Hannes Feldkirchner shows you a few of the core innovations in Viz Engine 4.3 that can help you elevate all your graphic designs

In this session Hannes goes into great detail explaining and showing how some of the powerful features of Viz Engine 4.4.1 can be used to create amazing graphics and scenes. Firstly, you will get to see the ease control and user-friendliness of the Fusion Fonts feature and how designers can benefit from the Fusion Render Pipeline and create the best-looking 3D text scenes. Secondly, Hannes demonstrates the soft shadows function and how straightforward is to use it with the new plugins that control which object casts and which one receives the shadow. Thirdly, he shows the scene-in-scene functionality with which you can build complex scene by using your existing ones without any conversion process, which is much simpler and quicker. Finally, Hannes demonstrates the Fusion Keyer, and how fast its set up is with superior quality. 

    Why Viz Engine 
    Viz Engine is today's most powerful compositing and real-time 3D rendering platform. It brings functionality for graphics use-cases to perfection, simplifies and speeds up everyday workflows, and supercharges your real-time capabilities

    With superb photo-realism, stunning effects and advanced compositing features combined with unrivalled performance, decisive integrations and sleek workflows, Viz Engine reduces complexity so you can increase your creativity. With absolute reliability, speed, and precise control, you get access to the best graphics in the world from within the familiar Vizrt workflows. Now you can go beyond imagination to attract and retain your audiences every day and with every program.

    Full integration of the Unreal Engine® combines the best of all worlds for gorgeous graphics rendering and seamless control from Viz Engine, adding unrivalled efficiency and simplicity to your multi-render workflows.

    The Viz Engine demo shows the following functionalities: 

    The power of Fusion Fonts
    The power of soft Shadows
    ✓ The power of the Fusion Keyer
    The power of Scene-in-Scene functionality 
    ✓ The power of the best broadcast rendering engine