Live and interactive demos – at a time that works for you! 
Earlier this year, we introduced Flexible Access, a new way to acquire Vizrt's software-defined visual storytelling solutions and workflows.

Since the launch, we have been delivering live and interactive demos with two time slots per day. We have added one more session at 11am GMT+7 to better accommodate our customers and friends in the APAC region. 

Our experts will show you the flexibility, control and scalability built-in to every Vizrt Solution Suite.

Choose the demo that is right for you, or better yet, sign up for all of them. Reserve your spot now!
Demo Schedule

All upcoming sessions below start at 11am GMT+7
(9:30am Mumbai / 11am Bangkok / 12pm Singapore / 1pm Tokyo / 2pm Sydney)
Remote Cloud Live Production
May 20, 2021

Learn how to use the powerful features of the Vizrt Live Production Solution.

  • See an entire live production system, including software switching, advanced graphics and more
  • Complete IP live production workflow
  • Format and resolution independence graphics, video and audio mixing
  • Producing for multiple platforms and output formats - simultaneously
  • Browser-based control for remote production
Extended Reality - XR Playbook
June 3, 2021

Watch how you can use the same tool to analyze any play and all the action in every sport this summer.

  • Get the most out of your valuable sports rights by engaging fans with unique insights into the subtleties, tactics, and secrets of any game
  • Engage with your fans with 3D analysis and telestration for all sports, football, handball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, racing, cycling and more
  • Deliver data driven graphics capabilities and sophisticated virtual reality features, XR Playbook lets presenters literally take their sports fans “on the field” with the athletes
  • Take advantage of virtual views and create new, unseen insights with virtual 3D Flights, views and moves
  • Automatic Player Tracking without special cameras
Production Control - Graphics
June 10, 2021

See how you can leverage the world’s most popular real-time graphics solution to enhance your production.

  • Template-based graphics workflow
  • Easy live and playlist control for your graphics
  • External data integration for easy visualization of complex data
  • Quickly change graphics to match the look of your different brands
  • Multiple-aspect ratio workflow
Production Control - Automation
June 17, 2021

Find out the most popular features of the Vizrt Automation Solution.

  • Vizrt's Automation Solution takes the complexity out of your planned and ad-hoc live news and show rundowns
  • Control any studio device, work from anywhere, automate away common errors – create more content with less overhead
  • Take a comprehensive look at the different IP workflows that support this solution
Newsroom - Journalist
June 24, 2021

​​​​​​Discover why the Vizrt Journalist solution is considered the best in the business.
  • Take a practical look at how Journalists use this solution to revolutionize their role
  • Supercharge your stories with easy template creation and enhanced content delivery
  • Access anywhere - the browser based publishing system that is the future of Newsroom operations
  • Work seamlessly with all existing newsroom system, including NLE integration
Extended Reality - XR Venue
July 1, 2021

Learn the most popular features of the Vizrt XR Venue Solution.

  • Provide fans at home or at the venue with a better experience through real-time virtual sports enhancements graphics
  • Make all your games more engaging for your TV viewers and open new revenue streams with augmented reality graphics serving as sponsored virtual graphics
  • Easily add any kind of virtual 3D graphics on the field, track or the stands.
  • Integrate and visualize data
  • Lean, non-intrusive set-up in a downstream production workflow operated remotely or at the venue
  • Access the entire suite of award wining XR solutions at a fraction of the upfront costs with Vizrt Flexible Access

Channel Branding Suite
July 8, 2021

Watch how you can easily control and automate the cross-promotion playout and branding on your channels across all platforms.  
  • Manage all channels from a single interface from remote locations anywhere and at any time
  • Design dynamic and intelligent animated graphics into templates off-line on client stations
  • Scale to any number of channels incrementally with real time playout of content
  • Automatically create playlists from traffic scheduling systems
  • Deploy different levels of redundancy depending on playout environment requirements


We are also running demos at 10am CET and 1pm EST. See the full schedule here.